Add one of our magical fragrance potions to complement your moon bowl! Fragrance potions can be selected by clicking the "add to cart" button at the bottom of each moon potion page. 


POTION NO. 1: Amber lavender paradise

An earthy fusion with a touch of honey and fresh floral notes. this fragrance blends French lavender with a rich golden amber. Layered in between are exotic Brazilian tonka bean, myrrh,  and Indian sandalwood drizzled over Egyptian musk. Discolors to a beautiful golden honey.

Notes: French lavender, amber, Indian sandalwood, Brazilian Tonka bean, Myrrh, Egyptian musk




POTION NO. 2: Smokey tobacco leaves & cinnamon

A warm and deep blend with rich notes of Indian sandalwood, Egyptian musk and birch with sweet cinnamon bark sprinkled atop layers of spiced ginger and  smokey tobacco leaves. Discolors to a beautiful golden honey.

Notes: Indian sandalwood, ginger, tobacco, birch, Egyptian musk, cinnamon




POTION NO. 3: Refreshing Vetiver

A pure and refreshing scent reminiscent of a tropical rainforest morning shower. This fragrance blends jasmine petals with vetiver, fresh aloe leaves and a dash of white musk. Discolors to a beautiful golden honey.

Notes: white musk, jasmine, vetiver, aloe




POTION NO. 4: Mystic Mahogany

A deep sensuous fragrance that mystically layers rich notes of mahogany, sandalwood and cedar amid patchouli and cardamom with Madagascar bourbon vanilla drizzled atop oakmoss and Nubian musk. Discolors to a beautiful golden honey.

Notes: mahogany, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, musk, cardamom, bourbon vanilla, oakmoss



POTION NO. 5: Honeyed Tuberose

Honeysuckle magically mingles with tuberose in this gorgeous floral fusion. Notes of rose and jasmine are layered between exotic musk and sandalwood drizzled atop succulent nectarine. Discolors to a beautiful golden honey.

Notes: honeysuckle, tuberose, musk, sandalwood